SX-6000 Fuel-system cleaner

For a constantly smooth running engine

Modern engines, running on lead-free fuels, suffer from problems.  Whatever the fuel suppliers do, it is the condition of the individual engine which decides whether it runs well or not. And all too often, not !  It may only be in very small quantities, but there is always bitumen in the fuel, whether petrol or diesel. in diesel fuel, it is quite a bit more, as you can see from the brown smears on every diesel pump when you fill up. But petrol too has enough bitumen to cause problems.  When you switch off the engine, there is always a small drop of fuel on or in the fuel injector. The heat of the engine  causes this to go hard, harder than anywhere else in the engine. Over time, this hard deposit hinders more and more the correct spray pattern into the cylinder, so that the efficiency of the combustion process is reduced. Watch the exhaust of the car in front as it starts off from a traffic light. If you can see it at all, this is a sign that  the injectors are not clean. This can lead, as it gets worse, to excess fuel consumption of over 10%.

The SX-6000 fuel system cleaner takes care of all potential or actual problems in the fuel system, such as:

  • Condensed water (which forms in the tank as the air cools) can rust the tank, when it freezes it can block the flow of fuel to the engine, causes stuttering and also damages the injectors (which otherwise should last for the life of the car).
  • Deposits in the fuel system, particularly in the injector pump (or carburettor) and the jets, lead to poor fuel efficiency and bad exhaust values (which can lead to failure of the routine vehicle  tests). Deposits in the combustion chamber, particularly on the piston heads, can result in pitted or burnt-through pistons or valve-heads.
  • Since lead was banned in fuels, no fuill substitute has been found which meets the environmental requirements. The lubrication of the valve stems has suffered. The product contains an unburnable lubricant which performs this task.

SX-6000 goes to the root of each of these problems. The engine runs smoothly and without costly damage. Also, the fuel values (octane or cetane) result in a better use of the fuel (see Bobby Unser test report). Regular use of the product prevents the problems developing, and ensure a good exhaust test result  If problems have developed, a stronger dose than for prevention will eliminate them.


Many products earlier and still on the market contain alcohol, thinners  and other chemicals, which attack teh ol seals, and/or produce carcinogens through combustion. The SX-6000 product contains no such dangers.

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SX-6000 Fuel-system cleaner
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