SX-6000 engine treatment

Engine treatment For all petrol or diesel 4-stroke engines (also Wankel). Saves at least 5% fuel, and reduces wear. If you use synthetic oil, then take the synthetic SX-6000 for engines.

SX-6000 Engine Treatment

For all engines using mineral oil, SX-6000 offers the following benefits:

  • at least 5% less fuel
  • around 50% less oil burned on the road
  • up to 88% less wear (certified)

The reduced oil consumption not only benefits the environment with less air polution, but reduces the burned particles going into the oil, allowing longer oil hange intervals. Fine-particle filters benefit too.

Drivers of gas-powered vehicles find that these run much more smoothly, as the treatment compensates for the lack of sulphur in the fuel, which with petrol and diesel has a lubricating effect. The oil indusrty, in spite of claims to the contrary, has not yet found a satisfactory answer.

Gas-car drivers report an even better fuel saving that with petrol or diesel.

The same product can be used in compressors, also with energy savings of at least 5% in piston compressors, and more in screw compressors.


  • 20% SX-6000
  • to 80% oil.


  • First, an oil and filter change is required. 
  • Should there be suspicion that the friction surfaces are not clean, we recommend that, immediately before draining the old oil, an oil system cleaner (also available in our shop)  is applied.
  • The new oil can be added, but it is essential that, before the SX-6000 is added, the whole engine has to be cooled to below 30°C.
  • If in doubt, drive home on the 80%, and add SX-6000 next morning. Then shake well, add to the engine,  start, idle for about 10 minutes and then drive with progressive loading for at least 40 minutes before the engine can be switched off, to ensure a successful coating.

For engines using synthetic oil, take SX-6000  for synthetic.

Never mix with any other product, especially not with one containing MoS2 or graphite!

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SX-6000 engine treatment
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