sx-6000 gearbox treatment up SAE 50 and differential

The long-lasting coating of friction surfaces ensures a lasting reduction of friction losses in gears and differentials.

Developed through the heat and pressure, the coating is long-lasting. The extremely fine particle size (<0.5 micron) ensures that even the smoothest-polished surfaces are coated.  PTFE working against PTFE, the lowest mechanical friction it is possible to achieve, ensure lighter gear-changing and less  energy losses. (No problem for the syncronisation).
Truck drivers often report driving up hills one gear higher than before.

The treatment does not affect wet clutches (as in motorcycles). In the case
of systems, where engine and gears are in one oil system, the doseage of
SX-6000 should be increased from 20% tp 25%.


SX-6000 is available for gears in vehicles and in industry in four variations, depending on the oil used.  The recommended doseage is 20% SX-6000 to 80% oil. (For auromatic gearboxes, one 250 ml bottle for up to 7 litres total oil content, above that two 250 ml bottles. For industrial applications the requirement can vary, depending on the characteristics of the machine and its lubrication system.


Remove 20% of the oil in the gearbox to make room for the SX-6000 (other with Automatics !).  Check the condition of the oil, it may be good to replace it all (even if claimed to be a for-life filling).  Manufacturers recommend that automatics have the oil changed every 50,000 to 60.000 kilometres.

Shake the SX-6000 and add to the gearbox (at least 20%). Too much is neither good nor bad.  Check that the total oil level is at "full".


Danger Notes

  • Contains Polysulfide, Di-tert-butyl-, Reactionsproducts from
  • to (4-methylpentan-2-yl)dithiophosphorsäure with Phosphoroxid, Propylenoxid and Aminen,
  • C12-14-alkyl (branched). May produce an allergic reaction.
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sx-6000 gearbox treatment up SAE 50 and differential
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